Blue Wren is an innovation strategy and design consulting firm.


Your vision is our mission

We help the world's most admired organizations find creative solutions to their biggest challenges.  

We are systems thinkers who bring a unique combination of creativity, empathy, and rigor to every problem. Our results are sustainable strategies that create impact for the people and organizations we serve.

Blue Wren helps:

  • Devise and build innovative organizations

  • Solve tough business problems and make high-stakes decisions

  • Design winning products, services, and strategies

  • Test ideas, analyze ROI, and launch new ventures

  • Shepherd change initiatives in high-stakes environments

  • Build innovation teams’ creative, analytical, and innovation skills


Innovation Strategy

Find the winning path

Innovation is not a department, a process, or a cool new product.  It's a system. We've helped Fortune 1000 corporations define their innovation agenda,  design innovation systems,  and build internal capacity for creative and entrepreneurial thinking through training and education.


A playbook for innovators

In 2019, we partnered with colleagues from IDEO, Future Medical Systems, and Stanford Medicine to create Discovery Design, the seminal playbook for applying Design Thinking in healthcare settings. It's a handbook for innovators who want to address the most important challenges facing patients, families, clinicians, and healthcare organizations. 

Leveraging the best ideas from the worlds of design thinking, healthcare improvement, and business strategy,  Discovery Design will empower you and your team to take on complex problems with the creativity, precision, and practical wisdom necessary for creating lasting change in healthcare environments. 


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